Built in Chicago, Rainbow Motel is only 20 minutes from downtown, which makes it a very convenient place to stay.
     There are 27 rooms, 11 of them are one-of-a-kind theme rooms, each present a marble whirlpool spa. The mood is definitely romance for two!
     There's no public pool or "shared jacuzzi" - instead you have your own luxurious whirlpool spa in the privacy and comfort of your own room.
     Nearby restaurants give you the opportunity to enjoy quiet lunches and dinners, as well as enjoy each other's company in privacy.
We also have a grocery store across the street for your quick 
shopping needs.

 Rainbow Motel

7050 W Archer Ave, Chicago, IL  60638  Tel.: (773) 229 0707                                          rainbowpinkpalace.com



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